I had known the Israel’s since 1990 and admired their commitment to living a simple sustainable lifestyle.  We had the same values of living lightly on the land but really did not think it was possible for us until we visited their acreage.  We were encouraged by Adar’s abundant gardens and the opportunity to help build the first straw bale structure with Tobiah and a crew of avid beginners like ourselves. They were raising their children with such ease and grace, and were committed to such a strong a sense of community that  we were motivated to become a part of Ponderosa Park where their homestead is located. Ken and I bought land at Ponderosa in 1993, we started an organic garden on our acres long before we built there, then in 1999 we built a small home, powered by the sun, completely off the grid.  The Israel’s continue to be an important part of our Ponderosa experience, as role-models, neighbors and friends.

Betty Long-Schleif

Testimonials, Comments and Recommendations
Sustainable Homestead Learning Center
My concience has been nagging at me to something about my impact on the earth.
I have been overwhelmed and confused about where to start. Tobiah and Adar have shown me, by example, that I just need to make one step.  I can start with one project and know that I am moving in the right direction. If I can't afford a solar panel I can build a solar hot water heater with scrap and recylced materials. If a greenhouse is a long term plan, raised beds and glass panels will do for now.

The Sustainable Homestead Learning Center is an inspiration. I highly recommend a tour!